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Titanium Suspension / Linkage Bolts

Titanium Suspension / Linkage Bolts

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Choice of Triangle Bolts

Surron LBX LBS, Segway X260 X160 - Suspension/ linkage Bolts.

Top of Rocker

Middle of Rocker

Bottom of Rocker 

Top of Shock

Triangle Bolts. Choice of OEM style or shoulder/ pivot style as shown in pictures. 

Prickly rockers utilize a smaller inner diameter bushing. The 3 bolts for the suspension may not fit into that aftermarket rocker. The simple fix is to use the OEM bushings instead of aftermarket bushings,  to use the 3 suspension bolts in this kit. 

If you are running OEM rear suspension components, you will notice a difference from using these bolts. OEM hardware allows too much play. This problem is solved with the upgraded hardware.

  • Anodized to increase corrosion resistance

  • Made from certified Titanium Grade 5 6AL-4V

  • Rolled threads for greater fatigue strength

  • Same strength as steel - 40% lighter in weight

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