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In this article we present top 10 easy to install Sur-Ron upgrades that you should get in 2024! 

Glossy Carbon Parts

Designed with precision, our carbon fenders act as a robust shield against dirt, mud, and external elements, preserving the pristine condition of your bike. Say goodbye to complicated setups! Our hydro-dipped carbon covers offer a seamless plug-and-play installation, letting you hit the road faster and with added style. Upgrade your biking experience today with this blend of functionality and aesthetics!

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Power Booster

Introducing the Power Booster for Sur-Ron Light Bee X. Boost your ride with up to 15% more power or 800 watts, improving acceleration and performance. Easily connect to your battery/controller ports for enhanced efficiency and safety. Experience faster speeds and protection with this compact, quick to install upgrade.

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Extended Seat

The Extended Seat enhances bike handling and stability. Crafted with durable, weather-resistant materials, it boosts grip and comfort with its softer padding. Featuring a 625mm length, dual fender functionality, and simple bolt-on installation, it offers both versatility and durability for improved riding experiences, primarily tailored for single riders, but comfortable enough to carry a passenger.

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Upgraded Brake Pads

Upgrade your braking performance effortlessly with our specialized brake pad set, designed explicitly for Sur-Ron, Segway, and Talaria models. Engineered for longevity without compromising on performance, these brake pads ensure a quieter operation while significantly enhancing your braking power. Tailored to meet the demands of discerning riders, this set offers a seamless fit and optimal responsiveness, transforming your braking experience with precision and durability.

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High Power Controller

Enhance your Sur-Ron/Segway with the High Performance Controllers, delivering a notable increase in top speed and acceleration. This intuitive addition streamlines installation while introducing advanced functionalities such as reverse gear and higher current regenerative braking. Elevate your riding experience with the enhanced speed, torque and extended range provided by the aftermarket controllers.

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High Power Battery

Explore our High Performance Batteries lineup designed to elevate your Sur-Ron/Segway bike's range and power. Choose the low weight high power models, offering 45+ miles on a single charge with a 22,000w continuous power, or the flagship version offering 60+ miles of range on a single charge! All batteries feature integrated LCD screens, water resistant internals, and Bluetooth compatibility for effortless monitoring. Select the ideal battery to optimize your riding experience.

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High Power Motor

Discover the benefits of our high-performance motors, delivering a robust 13 kW output and a peak performance of up to 35 kW! Designed for 3x higher RPM than stock Sur-Ron motors, it ensures straightforward installation with full compatibility with aftermarket controllers. Enjoy superior heat dissipation and an imbedded magnets construction for reliable torque and wear resistance.

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Headlight & Underglow Solutions

Ensafe your riding with our bright headlight solutions, offering both low yellow and high white beams to improve visibility. The kit includes a robust mount bracket, a 3-position switch, and features a dustproof and waterproof design. Its plug-and-play wiring ensures easy and quick installation. Explore all options in our Sur Ron Headlight & Light kits collection!

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Wider Foot Pegs

Transform your Sur-Ron riding experience with our essential peg upgrade, tailored to improve the overall bike control. This modification ensures enhanced grip and superior stability, crafted with precision from CNC aluminum. Stainless steel spikes deliver optimal traction, enhanced by a striking anodized color finish. Weighing just 280g, the kit comes complete with all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation onto Sur-Ron peg brackets. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

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Stiffer Shock Spring

Designed to optimize performance and comfort, our springs offer a superior alternative to the standard Sur-Ron / Segway / Talaria 450lbs spring. Choose from our tailored range of standard and progressive springs to suit your riding style and preferences. Compatible with popular Sur-Ron stock shocks like DNM, KKE, FastAce and Fox dhx2, this choice ensures a stable, controlled riding and jumps handling. Elevate your Sur-Ron's capabilities and ride with confidence with SurRonshop!

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