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Titanium Full Body Kits - Surron LBS LBX, Segway X160 X260

Titanium Full Body Kits - Surron LBS LBX, Segway X160 X260

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Custom titanium bolt kits for the Surron and Segway.

Kits include:

  • Peg pins
  • Battery lid pins
  • Brake pad pins
  • Kickstand bolt/ nut
  • Rear axle nut
  • Motor nut
  • Jackshaft nut
  • Motor mount bolts
  • Peg bracket bolts
  • Subframe bolts
  • Skid plate/ bash guard bolts
  • Sprocket bolts
  • Chain guad bolts
  • Ignition cover bolts
  • Brake caliper bolts
  • Front rotor bolts
  • Rear rotor bolts
  • Brake pad screws
  • Headlight bracket bolts
  • Upper frame bolts near batt lid pins
  • Controller bolts
  • Mud guard bolts
  • Handlebar to OEM neck bolts
  • Suspension linkage/ triangle bolts (sold separately)
  • Forks bolts (sold separately)
  • Direct mount bolts (sold separately)

The body kits are designed around an OEM Surron. Some installed aftermarket parts may require additional hardware (i.e., seat riser, direct mount stem, peg drops, aftermarket brakes, forks, etc.) which can be purchased separately.

Note to buyer: Kits do not include suspension linkage bolts, handlebar bolts, fork hardware, nor direct stem bolts. 

  • Anodized/ PVD coated to perfection
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Made from certified Titanium Grade 5 6AL-4V
  • Rolled threads for greater fatigue strength
  • Greater strength to weight ratio than steel
  • 40% lighter in weight compared to OEM

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