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Talaria Graphics kit 2024 collection

Talaria Graphics kit 2024 collection

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Customize and protect your bike with SurRonshop full coverage decal kits!Β 

Use imagination to create your own graphics with a help of professional designer or take pre-made samples for your Talaria MX3 / MX4, *Design images are taken from Sur-Ron - your selected option will be converted for Talaria

We are here to bring your decals vision on the design based on preferences and requests you have in mind. This process is simple and doesn't require anything special from you - we only need to understand your idea:

  1. Share with your inspiration - let us know how you would like the decals to look like; describe it in text or share with other design photos you'd like to combine / use certain elements / general theme or both. If you do not have enough info to share - we will do it for you and make sure to understand your vision by asking needed questions to create the design you are looking for.
  2. We will create the design sample based on your ideas combined with our inspiration - we take the general theme you set and accomplish it with elements matching the idea, this is something we became very good at for over 4 years of customizing bikes in our worldwide community
  3. We review these renders together and bring as many changes as needed to make the design you are fully satisfied with. First of all we collect your feedback to make major adjustments, prepare new rendering and work on further adjustments with you based on updated design. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and simple as possible to get the high quality product you are looking for
  4. You receive the decals kit manufactured on 300micron Substance skin - leading manufacturer from USA with a set of tools and accessories for installation.

Decal kit includes

Installation tutorial

Additional customization

Beside custom design option it is also possible to highlight your bike with custom lamination: Glossy comes as standard while matte and chrome are optionalΒ 


  • Full frame coverage and protection
  • Durable 300 micron Substance skin made in USA
  • Relatively simple install process our team is here to assist you withΒ 
  • Detailed installation tutorial and special tools included
  • All-weather conditions resistantΒ 
  • 1 weeks lead time for pre-made designs / ~2-3 weeks for custom projectsΒ 
  • Various laminations available

Options definitions

  • "Custom" - we create the brand new design for you
  • ”Customized design from the catalog ( 1-84 )" - we create new design based on already existing option from the catalog
  • "Design from the catalog ( 1-84 ) without logos / with your logos" - we remove small Surronshop x bulletbro logos from the decals or replace those with your logosΒ 


    Β Custom options ordering process:

    - Proceed with order online choosing product option β€œCustom Design” / "Customized design" / "Design without logos"
    - SurRonshop team will contact you the same or the following day to take care of your custom design project.Β Β 
    - Custom Graphics production takes 1-3 weeks after final design sketch is confirmed by you.Β 


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