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SurRonshop Primary & Secondary Belt Drive Kits

SurRonshop Primary & Secondary Belt Drive Kits

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Belt type
Belt option
Gear ratio

Continental CXA/CXP 16mm belt reinforced with fiberglass
Carbon belt is optional
Pulleys made of V95 material
Swing-arm reinforcement bracket made of stainless steel (6mm thickness)
Custom sprocket ratio imitation possible
Step-by-step kit installation instructions

Kit components list:
Front & rear pulleys
Swing-arm support brackets
Continental HTD 1440 8M CXP / CXA / Carbon belt
Hardware bolts

Belt drive compared to chain drive pros:
+No sound
+No maintenance
+No vibrations
+Smooth acceleration

Belt drive compared to chain drive cons
-Difficult to replace a broken belt
-Less resistant to mud and sand
-Belt kit requires to cut the swing-arm to fit the belt in

Belt kit drive vs chain drive sound comparison video: { }

Installation instructions: { }


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