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SurRonshop Battery Case

SurRonshop Battery Case

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Steel Battery Boxes for aftermarket battery builds.

60v box dimensions: 325mm*155mm*135mm (usable inner spacing), 365mm*158mm*138mm (outer spacing)

72v box dimensions: 360mm*155mm*135mm (usable inner spacing), 400mm*158mm*138mm (outer spacing)


  • Black stainless steel battery casing
  • Direct fit in Sur-Ron battery compartment
  • Comes with no borders battery tray
  • Comes with voltage / percentage LCD screen
  • Preinstalled connectors for charging, power,¬†controller¬†communication¬†& display connection
  • Preassembled wiring
  • Foam pad on the bottom
  • Mount points for carrying strap
  • 2 sizes available


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