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SurRonshop Air Bag Vest

SurRonshop Air Bag Vest

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This protective jacket is an airbag that is worn over your regular clothing for neck and torso protection in case you are thrown off your bike. CE PPE certified, the SurRonshop AirBag Vest is ready for the track, canyon carving, road trips, or your daily commute. Anytime you ride your motorcycle, the Airbag is ready to protect in 0.1 second. Once deployed, it can be reused - just pop in a fresh CO2 cartridge. Attach the lanyard to your motorcycle and ride on, ready for the unknown.


  • Mechanical trigger system

  • 600D textile construction with inner 3D 2cm thickness mesh
  • CO2 cartridge hidden in pocket
  • Reflective panels
  • Soft Neoprene collar
  • Exterior pocket
  • Fastening clips
  • Adjustable
  • Reusable
  • Standard Vest use a 33cc 35-46g CO2 Cartridge 
  • Extended Vest use a 66cc 46g CO2 Cartridge

Sizing Recommendations: The vests are made to be long enough to sit on, but you do not want the rib protection so low that it is covering below the waist. The other fit to avoid is wearing the vest too small so it rides up high under the arms. The vest should have a loose fit and be long enough to cover the hip and pelvic areas in the event of an accident.

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