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KO Moto Pro Series Controller Upgrade For Sur-Ron/Talaria Sting

KO Moto Pro Series Controller Upgrade For Sur-Ron/Talaria Sting

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Be one of the first to receive the KO Moto controller. Designed from the ground up to give unmatched torque and power without suffering from all the issues plaguing stock SurRon motor & controller offerings.

This Controller is designed to be a plug and play option for the Sur-Ron that's easy to fit using the stock cabling and OEM Sur-Ron/Talaria display unit. Gone is the need to upgrade your display unit and run extra cabling across your bike. 

  • Peak 35KW Power (Your battery will determine the power you can produce, and different motors will not be able to handle Max Power)
  • Anodized Blue or Red Cases
  • Input Voltage range of 40v-100v
  • Working Voltage of 48v-84v
  • Max Phase Current 800A
  • Max Line Current 400A
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Dynamic tuning capabilities allow hundreds of tunes for the end user, easily modified to your exact liking via Bluetooth or direct cable options
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