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GritShift V2 Billet Footpeg Support Brace For Talaria

GritShift V2 Billet Footpeg Support Brace For Talaria

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The GritShift Footpeg Support Brace For Talaria Sting is anodized black and made from 7075 aluminum. This support brace is cleaner and more visually appealing than a lot of the basic versions available for other bikes.

It has rubber grommets that serve as an anti-rattle feature, keeping things quiet for those off-road midnight adventures over rocky terrain. If you’ve ever had bent brackets on an e-bike in the past, you’ll understand the value of this brace. You won’t find better protection for your footpegs at this price.

Plus, the GritShift Billet Footpeg Support Brace is really easy to install. It’s been specifically designed to fit Talaria models without needing to drill out anything. You only have to loosen one side’s footpeg mount, slip the brace into place, and then bolt the footpeg back together. Just make sure you use the rear most holes of the footpeg bracket.

Note: This product fits Talaria V2 frames ONLY. Look at the product images and please verify fitment on your bike before purchasing.

Features :

  • Prevent footpegs bending from obstacle impacts and hard landings
  • A must-have upgrade for anyone riding hard, especially motocrossers and hard enduro
  • Anodized black finish to create a sleek appearance for any bike
  • 7075 billet aluminum that is built to withstand rough rides
  • Anti-rattle rubber grommets to keep rides quiet and smooth
  • Easy installation that can be completed in 15 minutes or less
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