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Frame / swing-arm protection covers

Frame / swing-arm protection covers

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Keep your bike brand new!

Frame & swing-arm protection kit is a great investment to maintain your bike in perfect condition as factory paint is getting scratched easily during regular riding. Paint quality became better with new SurRon generation, but we still reccomemd to protect these risk areas 


Fitting process is as stright forward as possible and only consist of several steps: Firts of all you should rub some alcohol to clean the surface ( this step is not necessary though ) Secondly remove storage 3M tape covers and mold the kit onto the bike, then leave it tighten for a couple of hours and you are ready to go! Frame protection is additionally equipped with a set of hexagon bolts for better reliability 

Quirks & features 

Protection kits are designed and manufactured in our SurRonshop workhouse based on riders requests and feedback all over the world. We make sure to use high quality thick ABS plastic material for covers to last long and stay fresh. Protection set surface covers entire risk area all over the welds and curves matching SurRon frame and swing-arm geometry 


  • Protects the weak spot of the frame and swing-arm from boots rubbing it during the ride 
  • Made of thick and durable ABS plastic material
  • Secured with preinstalled 3M double sided tape & hexagon aluminium set of bolts
  • Simple installation

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