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Custom battery cap

Custom battery cap

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Battery height cap
Paint finish

SurRonshop offers you solution for taller Sur-Ron batteries. We make custom battery caps for any battery height and offer cheaper options to close the cap: custom battery tray to drop the battery lower, extended cap clips and cap extenders. Our battery caps are made out of the most durable PLA material mix and have a reinforced geometry. Cap size can be adjusted up to any battery height. Good quality 2-component car workshop custom color paint finish option is available. It is possible to request a cutout in the cap for battery voltage meter and choose between modular or single-partcap. Modular cap lets you pull out the battery without taking the cap off, single-part cap is more durable.


We have 2 standard cap sizes (samples) that are cheaper than a fully custom battery cap due to modeling work costs. If your battery has a different height, please request a fully custom battery cap!


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