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Continuous Track Kit

Continuous Track Kit

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Rear Brake

*Leading time due to seasonal overload: 4-8 weeks, please clarify with us before ordering or submit the "free order' to place the preorder request. We will contact you back with an offer and make sure to answer all your questions. 


All-year round of riding with the Track kit!

Continuous track kit is a great investment to extend the season and get even more out of your bike. Get the opportunity to ride among with the snow-mobiles, explore the nature and reach the places nobody were 


Continuous track kit is designed to be powered up with a non-modified bike. We set the  gear ratio high enough to have fun even with stock power. 

Rear brake option is recommended in case regen braking throttle is not installed on your SurRon, Segway or Talaria Sting bike.

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  • Kit weight 44kg (97 pounds)
  • Aluminum hubs
  • Track width: 220mm
  • Track lug height: 20mm
  • Track length: 650mm
  • Frost-resistant front ski
  • Comfortable riding snow height: under 400mm
  • Chain standard: 428
  • Sand track and version for other bike models is available via preorder


- Front ski is included

- Gear ratio can be adjusted by user

- Modular construction

- Used components are widespread in motorcycle industry and can be replaced locally

- Energy consumption is 2 times faster

- Manufacturing time is 10 days approximately. Contact us for more information!

Please clarify shipping cost to your area with us!

Operating rules of continous track kit

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