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Continuous Track Kit

Continuous Track Kit

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Rear Brake

Lead time: 1-3 weeks, please clarify with us before ordering!

Sur-Ron Track Upgrade kit gives great grip even if used on a non-modified controller/battery stock bike setup! Rear brake option is recommended in case regen braking throttle is not installed on your SurRon, Segway or Talaria Sting bike.

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  • Kit weight 44kg (97 pounds)
  • Aluminum hubs
  • Track width: 220mm
  • Track lug height: 20mm
  • Track length: 650mm
  • Frost-resistant front ski
  • Comfortable riding snow height: under 400mm
  • Chain standard: 428
  • Sand track and version for other bike models is available via preorder


- Front ski is included

- Gear ratio can be adjusted by user

- Modular construction

- Used components are widespread in motorcycle industry and can be replaced locally

- Energy consumption is 2 times faster

- Manufacturing time is 10 days approximately. Contact us for more information!

Please clarify shipping cost to your area with us!

Operating rules of continous track kit

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