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SurRonshop BMS Bypass kit

SurRonshop BMS Bypass kit

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Battery management system By-Pass kit allows to unlock the full power potential of the stock Sur-Ron battery Panasonic cells. This will allow Sur-Ron bike to safely run at 7000W (up to 50% power boost compared!)

It is possible to use battery like normal after doing this mod, but voltage must be tracked with the use of an external display as with no discharge protection cells can get fully drained.

The minimum safe voltage is 52V on stock 60V Sur-Ron Battery. Also, after bypassing, percentage readout on the battery will be delayed and is no longer useful which is why it is required to monitor voltage externally.

Attention! This product is recommended to be installed by professional. If you are installing bypass kit yourself, you agree with the potential risks of incorrect installation: battery malfunction, cable damage & BMS failure.

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