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Nucular 24F Controller

Nucular 24F Controller

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Heatsink color
Controller options


Nucular 24f controller is the ultimate choice to increase your bike's capabilities.

Combined with stock battery Nucular24f provide up to 30% power and 15% range increase being more energy efficient compared to OEM controller. With aftermarket 60v or 72v battery on board Nucular24f brings the performance to completely new level with up to 300% power increase and instant throttle response - braking the world top speed record on Sur-Ron

Quick & simple installation

Nucular24f kit is plug n play, controller is equipped with original connectors and wiring to be direct replacement for OEM. Controller is sequrely mounted on factory quality plastic adapter covering the surrounding gaps to avoid dust getting inside the frame. Nuclear 24f is compatible with all factory systems: head and rear lights, L1e turning signals, sensors, eco/sport switch and horn

Multiple colors selection 

Highlight your bike with color matching controller heatsink in brand design made to inspire 

Friendly user interface

Nucular24f device is well-known for combining the simplicity of use & widest functionality. Controller interface is polished to be straight forward and easy to navigate through while new firmware updates are constantly uploaded bringing new features. Each aftermarket controller requires the setup to start functioning - this process is automatic with Nucular24f, controller handles initial tuning by itself while further settings adjustment and customisation process is clearly explained in our tutorials. SurRonshop team provide individual accistance during the entire setting up and ensure smooth & pleasent experience with your Nucular24f

The on-board computer

The on-board computer is equipped with large sunlight resistant screen to display main parameters, driving modes settings, software updates for all system components, battery control, and the charging state of the devices via USB. 


  • 4 power modes / 3 power modes + reverse gear
  • Display heating function for cold weather conditions
  • Auto no-operation shut down
  • Configurable controls - it is possible to display preferred parameters by customizing the main menu section
  • Regen braking with optional regen throttle
  • Motor & controller overheating protection
  • Frequent firmware updates

 Power capabilities

Nucular24f is capable to provide significantly more current the OEM motor can handle. Therefore it is comaptible with all aftermarket motors available for SurRon & Talaria. You can modify your bike even further without any special technical assistance required - Nucular24f will automatically adjust itself for the new motor using autoseup feature 


World speed record 

The fastest approved speed that was ever captured on modified SurRon - 141km/h (88.125mp/h) is the world record set with Nucular 24f controller on board. This speed was verified by 2 GPS satellite devices ( Dragy DRG 69 & Garmin Edge 1030 ) eqipped on the bike during successful attempt on 06.22.23, Another attempt was made on 10.09.23 with higher top speed of 94.375 mp/h (151km/h) reached and new world record set!

141km/h top speed video

Speed test was performed on the close road with full protective gear.  

The history

With over 5 years of product evolusion Nucular24f has gained entire community around iself being the iconic controller for EV world. So far it became well-known as the most reliable controller in SurRon community being one of the most advanced and powerful.

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