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Nucular 24F Controller Kit

Nucular 24F Controller Kit

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Mount kit
Sur-Ron connectors
Regen brake throttle

Nucular 24f controller - on the stock Sur-Ron // Segway battery Nucular 24f gives additional ~2000watts or +20-30% acceleration boost as well as top speed/range improvements and features such as reverse gear, powerful regenerative braking and up to 3 customizable power profiles. Controller kit comes with step by step installation & setup instructions and Sur Ron connectors are preinstalled to simplify installation process.


  • Fully programmable controller
  • Very small size
  • 20kw maximum power
  • Supports batteries up to 90v
  • Comes with Sur-Ron harness
  • Step by step setup instructions available
  • Free remote setup session from SurRonshop
  • Basic install instructions available
  • Plug n play mount kit for Sur-Ron available

Features (extended):

  • Cheapest power, top speed and range¬†upgrade¬†
  • Allows¬†full¬†customization by user. Tune power profiles manually or try recommended preset!
  • Plug n Play kit, you can install it yourself!
  • Enjoy unique features:
  1. User-friendly on-board computer interface
  2. Powerful regen braking can be binded to brake sensors. Use only front brake to lock both wheels!
  3. Activate reverse gear to easily get yourself out of the tight spot!
  4. Push the limits of regen braking: highest rate can lock the wheel at speed!
  5. Learn more about your bike: track motor/controller temperature, amps and power in real time!
  6. Gain full control: adjust throttle and braking curve, set temperature limits and much more!
  7. Manually adjust speed recognition to be as accurate as GPS!
  • Compatible with stock bike display or dash panel to show speed
  • Compatible with all bike sensors: brake, kickstand, tilt & fall
  • Capable of 3x more¬†power with upgraded battery (more than stock motor can handle)
  • Comes with free technical support¬†from SurRonshop founder.¬†Remote tune is a free service!
  • Comes with regenerative braking throttle optionally
  • Comes with 3¬†years warranty from manufacturer*

*For controllers 6F v.2, 12F, 24F without compound filling ‚ÄĒ 2 years.

For controllers 6F v.2, 12F, 24F with compound filling ‚ÄĒ 3 years.

On-board computer ‚ÄĒ 1 year.


Maximum power: 20.000w

Nominal power: 10.000w

Voltage range: 20-90V

Phase, max: 500A

Battery, max: ~300A

Supply out: 12V 1A

Operating Temperature Range:¬†-30¬įC to 80¬įC

Phase wires: 7AWG terminals

Battery wires: 8AWG XT150

Control modes: Square, sensorless, FOC, charger

Protection: Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection

Sleep current less: <300uA

Protection class: IP54

Size, without wires: 86х43х185 mm

Weight: 1300 g


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