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High performance 60v battery

High performance 60v battery

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Pin-locker connector
Custom bottom tray
Carbon skin wrap

52AH60V 18KW Battery

Doubles the range of a stock Sur-Ron / Segway bike or triples the power output of the SurRon with high performance controller upgrades (SinTech, Nucular, and others). Battery mod is one of the most advanced Sur Ron modifications in our upgrade parts catalog.

Battery specifications:

  • 52ah60v (60+ miles on a single charge in sport mode of the factory controller)
  • 260 amps (5c peak discharge) // 18.000w peak power output tested
  • 16.7kg weight
  • Li-NMC LG pouch cells
  • Percentage and voltage reading LCD screen integrated in the battery cap
  • Internals filled with resin compound for water or vibrations protection 
  • Compatible with factory controller, wiring and charger
  • Bluetooth interface for battery data monitoring using a smartphone app
  • Comes with optional pin-locker connector for street legal Sur-Ron dash panel fault removal
  • Comes with optional custom bottom tray for battery install with original cap clip

Battery kit contains: battery, longer cap clip, spare connectors.

Fits into the Sur-Ron battery spacing with a use of an extended battery cap clip that is included in the kit. No frame grinding! Custom bottom plastic tray can be ordered separately to let the cap close with a factory clip as well.

Lead time: 1-3 weeks

SurRonshop&EMAX battery videos:

1) Smartphone app instructions:

2) Unboxing:

3) Power test:

4) Top speed test:

5) Range test:

6) Review by SurRonshop team:

Ps: please don’t forget to turn on English subtitles 😉

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