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GritShift Sur-Ron To Talaria Billet Wheel Conversion Kit

GritShift Sur-Ron To Talaria Billet Wheel Conversion Kit

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Rear Rotor Bolt Pattern

This Billet Wheel Conversion Kit is designed to fit the standard pre-dished wheels typically offered by aftermarket manufacturers. Recommended tire width is 90mm-100mm. OEM Sur Ron wheels will also fit. 

  • Plug-and-play install with no modifications needed!
  • Strong billet aluminum design
  • No more worries of grip or wheel strength with the ability to run the best-known Sur Ron wheels on your new Talaria e-bike.
  • Requires Sur Ron Rear Rotor, if using stock matching wheels! 

Note: If you have Warp 9 wheels you will need the matching front matching bolt pattern or any other aftermarket wheels that have matched the front rotor bolt pattern for the rear rotor.

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